what kind of transfer case, and transmisson?

what kind of transfer case, and transmisson?


Cleveland, Ohio
1960 CJ5, Chevy 350, m-21 trans, Dana 20, Dana 44, and 30. Chevy power steering. 6 point roll cage, front receiver bumper.
Does any body know what type of transfer case this is? I know the transmission is a GM by the case, and I know it is a 4 speed, but past that I am wondering, they both leak and I figured I might as well get the right gaskets for them. on a side note, has anybody heard of 3:73 gears in a cj? I know mine is a mutant but I have not seen 3:73s on line for replacement diff gears for a 1960 CJ5.
transfer case looks like a Dana 300. Is there an adapter between the tranny and the engine?
I will go take a pic right now and post it.
Here is the pic. The clutch lever opening is just at the top of the picture, the motor is a Chevy 350. the dana 300 is the tranny or the transfer, is it good? The transfer case has "advanced" cast into the housing, I found their web site
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I tracked sown the trans, it is a muncie, either a m-20, m21, or m22. But i am closer to finding my gaskets.
The transfer case has one lever, 4h is forward, 2h is next, then n then 4L, does this help at all?
The Pic is poor, but I'd have to say it's a Muncie transmission. an Advanced adapter with a Dana 300 T/C.
The Muncie is a good transmission for car type 4 speed. The M-21 would be best in a Jeep because of the wider ratio's. The Dana 300 is the most popular Jeep T/c IMO. An Advanced Adapters much like Novak are top quality.
Would it be a good guess that the trans is a m21? it seems they put together a pretty good drive train, a SBC 350, then the muncie, and an advanced dana300? all I found online as far as identifying the tranny is that the numbers match for it being either a m20, 21, or 22, and it was made in either 68 or 69 from the patent numbers. What are the odds that my axles are stock? and what should they be being a 1960 CJ5?
I'm almost positive your T/c is the rare 1980-81 CJ5 Short output Dana 300.
Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I am new to the jeep thing, so pardon all the questions, I hope they do not sound too stupid.
As far as I can tell the only draw back is they don't make a 32 spline output shaft upgrade for that case. On a CJ5's they put them on to give you a longer driveshaft with less angle which is generally better.
Pic's always help. The thing about Jeep's, is people tend to modify them to fit their purpose. Or some people make repairs with whatever is on hand. It doesn't are always turnout pretty.
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Ok here are the pics, I hope they are good enough. Have you ever heard of 3:73 gears in a jeep? The front was leaking, and nearly empty when I pulled the cover, I painted the cover so it will go back together tomorrow, I am not sure of the axle so I will be using permatex for the short term.
First off, I change gears in almost ever vehicle I've owned so that doesn't mean anything but CJ's that came with a v6 often had 3.73 gears. What type of brakes are on the front axle? It looks like a Dana 30 The rear looks like a Dana 44 to me. Now that model I believe came with two piece axles. but I'd check because like I say everybody modifies Jeeps obviously it didn't start with the rest of that drive train either. Mine POS is a Franken Jeep all the way from front to back.
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It has large drum brakes, they fill up the wheels. I went and took pics but the computer is having an emotional moment or something and will not let me connect with the SD card.
Sound like they kept the axles and changed the engine transmission transfercase. I thought it looked like a saginaw steering conversion but I couldn't tell for sure
Yea it has power steering, and I like it alot, my friend has a 76 CJ5 with manual steering, and it is kind of a pain shifting and steering at the same time, mine is easy as pie though. So what kind of axles do I have then?
I'd say Dana 30 front 44 rear. I'd have to see the wheel side to tell if the rear is 2 piece or not.

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