wiper issue, help please!!!

wiper issue, help please!!!


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1986 cj7 258(rebuilt motor/comp cam/weber32/36) T5 300 tcase d30 front(locker/4:10s)
so my wipers were acting up, they lock up flat, either all the way right or left, if you pushed them they would work again. Tjhen they stopped working..tracked it to the motor, now they are working again but i still have this lock up condition, also when they are stuck i can see the volt meter pulsing from 12ish volts up to 14. and this is w/ switch in the off position??:confused:
anyone had this type of condition? or have any ideas??
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Sounds like your linkage is binding up somewhere. Pull the plastic oval caps on the windshield and take a look. I had a bent arm end and it gave me fits, changed out three working motors before I traced it down to linkage. The voltage pulsing is the motor trying to get back to park mode
hhhmmm, i will have to check that cause there is a little play inthe left side wiper before they both move, if you push/pull them by hand...tks for the input guys:)
Definitely the linkage. I have reworked mine many times. Still not perfect. I ended up moving the motor up slightly and to the left about 2 mm so that the angle of the link between the motor and the driver side pivot was never perpendicular to the ground. That was what was causing mine to bind up.

If it is a new issue it may be that the link bent or the motor is a little loose and slipped a little. Good luck.
it did it w/ the old motor, so when it stopped completely i expected the motor for both concerns...but now its all good for a min then bam, they stop either full left or right..gonna check linkage and trying to find a cheap kit to replace it.:cool:
I know of some who have used YJ linkage and say it works great. And lets them just run to Auto Zone for new wiper blades. I am thinking of trying that in the future if mine give me more problems.
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new linkage kit on order, should show at work tomorrow....thank god cause it locked all day during the snow yesterday! good thing crown is only a few towns away:D will post results.
I hope the new linkage works out. Wish I would have seen this post earlier. Sounds like the problem I had with my wipers. The PO couldn't get them to work they would bind up. The problem was the windshield was bent at the point where the wipers would pivot. At first it looked normal but when the wipers would go to one extreme the linkage and the little arm on the pivot would become almost strait.

I am saying the arm on part 5 would almost become strait with parts 6 or 4. The wiper would then jam at the extreme. The linkage would bind and the motor wouldn't be able to push the linkage strait back.
To bend the windshield back I removed the pivots and put a big threaded rod in the hole and used big washers and nuts to clamp the threaded rod to the windshield frame. Now the threaded rod was sticking out of my windshield frame. It pointed upward because of the slope of my windshield. But it also pointed to the side a little. I pushed on the threaded rod till it no longer ponted to the side.
I then put the wipers back together and made sure the pivot arm didn't go too strait to either side.
Mine was going straight just as you are explaining. But to solve it, I raised the motor in the frame slightly so the the smaller link was lever creating a horizontal line with the longer link. It is always a slight down hill slope. So far so good, but I am too scared to really let my wipers run. I rely on Rain-X mostly.
well i got my fingers crossed....sound like what busa said....drivers wiper goes almost flat, seems to try and move then bam locked up!! need to get if figured out....been raining a ton,now starting to snow...this is my DD so wipers that work are a must. but the way my luck goes!!:mad:
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Consider raising the motor so the the pivot on the motor is not in the same line as the wiper pivots.
Consider raising the motor so the the pivot on the motor is not in the same line as the wiper pivots.

i guess im confused? what exactly do you mean by raising it up?
I had to enlarge the holes for bolting the motor to the windshield frame and slide the motor upward (toward the sky) 1-2 mm and tighten down the bolts. My nutserts were shot so I used regular nuts inside the frame anyway. Did that help?
ok, didnt know if you meant to shim it away from the windshield frame....i'll take a look better when its all apart..linkage showed today...both links and pivots....will post back....tks again all for the tips:chug:
well got the linkage in, all seems good. Drivers pivot was worn-out pretty bad and 1 bushing was coming out of the long link. so we'll see when i need to run them for a bit, but seems ok now..tks guys:chug:
As an update on mine, I ended up taking the crown replacement linkages out and threw them away. They were :dung:. I went and got stock linkage from a Yj and made them work. No more issues.

i havent had any issues woth my crown kit yet..so were you able to use YJ arms for better blades? cause im sick of the old metal blade that last a month or so the streak

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