Yj tub swap

Yj tub swap


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Ok how many of you have done this and whats the difficulty level? I just found this tub for $75. It was rolled but doesnt look too bad. My tub is pieced and patched togethter and for that price I dont think I can turn this tub down. Heres some pics.
Haven't done it myself but have heard it's easy and others said it's not. I guess it depends on the tools and equip. you have available.
It will fit, with some minor ajustments. You need to move the body perches...I believe the front four need to be move forward a bit to align with original holes. Or you use existing perches and use longer bolts in new location.

The rest is pretty straight forward.

I'm doing mine in 2 weeks actually...I let you know if problems occur.
Pete - I helped a friend one time, as sunset said, only the front holes are a 'little' problem. The remainder is just about a bolt in...
Getting ready to do something a little more than this but with similar results. I am using a YJ tub, windshield, frame and springs to build a hybrid Cj/Yj frankenjeep. My Cj is in real rough shape and I scored a YJ from a friend that is very solid but someone elses failed project. So for the labor of selling off the unneeded parts for him, I can keep what ever I want off the YJ for my CJ. I'll use the harness and fuel system too, along with other odds and ends.
I spent my cash on those 15 x 10 wheels I posted about and guess who e-mailed me. :rolleyes: Im gonna see if I can work out something for next week with him I guess. I need deeper pockets.
Can a YJ tub be put on a CJ5? Trying to do some horse trading up here and I have a CJ5 rollin frame and I might be able to pick up a YJ that the frame is shot but the tube looks ok. Will this work.
I took a look at the doc sheet and it would have to be cut some where under the front seats? This might present a problem I think that I can get the complete YJ with frame and all. I guess I will have to learn how to read a tape measure.:):) Can this be done?
A Yj tub is longer than a CJ5 tub. A Yj tub can be swapped on to a CJ7 frame with some modification but not on a CJ5 frame.
I have no idea where to cut the tub to graft it back together to fit a 5. I'm just wondering if it is actually worth the time. Well, I guess if you wanted to make a CJ5 look like a 7 (the square doors) it would be an interesting project...
You will need to use the YJ tub and frame as it is longer than the CJ5 as has been stated. I have a CJ5 that I am using a YJ tub AND frame to build. The CJ5 tub is in desperate need of repair , but the frame is solid. I am going this route because I want the length of the YJ for the drivetrain I plan on running and the more stability it will offer off road. Plus I got the CJ and the YJ(and the YJ is in real nice shape) for no cash out of my pocket, so I am working with what I got to build my ultimate dream CJ!!
with enough fab time and $$, it will. But its not an easy bolt-on job.
All good man, if only some of the people would respond I may be able to pull the trigger...reads like a not so bad job and there's more yj tubs around.

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