Build Thread 1966 CJ 6 build

Build Thread 1966 CJ 6 build


Old Time Jeeper
Orangevale, CA
1966 CJ 6, Buick V6 Dauntless,
Dana 44 rear, Dana 27 front

Trans GM SM 420
First Gear ....... 7.05
Second Gear ... 3.57
Third Gear ...... 1.70
Fourth Gear ... Direct

Dana T-case (twin stick)

1970 Glass dune buggy. Short pan 1600
2008 Chevy HHR SS
Well it's mine.
Went to Napa yesterday and crawled all around it and purchased it... Like all good jeep adventures that is where the fun started. I knew / thought it had transmission issue but as it turns out seems more like a transfer case issue since it works in 4 wheel drive but not 2 wheel.

Found out that it also has some steering issues, on the test drive and when I tried to tow it. I Couldn’t get the tires to turn with the tow rig. Oh, that’s after an hour long road trip to get a 7” riser hitch so it would even connect to the tow vehicle. Questions about what to do with the old Ross cam lever steering setup will be posted in the appropriate forum, angles of the tie rods look wrong, too peaked.

Probably best to trailer it home anyway!

I will be having the T-Case looked at by a professional along with the tranny, diff’s, front axle. While I am reasonably competent mechanically I am not confident I could handle the transmission and transfer case repair yet.
I also want an expert opinion on the status / condition of them.
Current setup:
• Buick Dauntless v6 ( starts fine, runs fine)
• Speedometer is broken, 66,000 confirmed, estimate at about 80,000
Dana 44 rear
• Dana 27 in the front
• Transmission – unknown (replaced with 4speed, granny low, GM-XXX)
• Transfer case – unknown (Spicer for sure, Twin stick, looks to be an 18)
• Rancho 2.25 lift, new leaf springs and shocks
• Cragar 15 X 10 Wheels on 5 X 5.5 bolt pattern with back spacing (tires are done)
• Ross cam and lever steering (angles look all wrong up front)
• Steering wheel replaced with smaller one (making it even harder to steer)
• Plastic seats (they will have to go)
• Roll bar probably has the most rust of anything.
• Needs wiring harness
• Needs wiper motors
• Warren locking hubs, well I should say hub. Pulled the RT front tire off before we left, it had the hub covered with a center cap, and we found that it was missing.
• Most everything was leaking oil and covered with it to some degree including the front axle, looks like front seals may be bad as there is grease / oil running down the back side of the tin back plate.

So the build thread begins. This will not be a total body off restoration. The frame and body are in fabulous shape, small amounts of surface rust on the underside of the pan. I crawled up and down the underside with a heavy screwdriver poking and japing at anything that looked like it could even be a possible problem and found nothing.

• Mechanical issues first with t-case and steering
• The underside will get totally cleaned and undercoated, looking at the POR 15 system.
• Front clip will come off and the engine compartment will be cleaned and painted white, dressing the firewall up a bit in the process.
• Re-wire entire thing, I am sure there are a few components that will need replaced
• Fix / repair speedo
• Clean and paint (possible rhino) the interior of the tub
• May need new steering column, turn signals broken off and the Wife will need the tilt I think.
• New seats
• New top
• Mirrors
• Etc, etc, etc

Let the games begin!:)
Wanted to get a few pictures posted
The ride home




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Looks great mate !!
Just remember the to do list triples ... no matter what the budget is ;)
Best of luck !!
While I know nothing about them I recently met a guy at a car show that has a basket case CJ6 that he has never gotten around to doing anything with.
Says he'd sell it cheap. I'm dying to go out and find his barn and take a look
@ Jag811 No kidding there, it is already significantly longer then when I posted! Then you start doing all the work and you more and more that you want to do.

I think the current plan is to get it safe and operational for the summer. Come winter... no California Jokes please :D .... It will get a little deeper, engine compartment cleanup, under coating, front clip will come off for the engine compartment cleanup. Some work on the motor, body, paint, etc, etc.
@PetesPonies Almost no rust at all! Certainly nothing more then light surface stuff. Another thing i love about California. ;)
Yeah I've got to agree with the other guys !!!
I just looked over this thread again and still can't believe what good nick your 6 is in !! No rust at all !! I love 6's !!
Awesome find !!

Good to see driving the old girl is first on the priority list.
I knew if I pulled mine down too far I wouldn't be driving it for long .. :(
So it's been bit by bit, so it's only of the road for a couple months at a time .. But you still end up spending too much time looking at her in the garage and not enough time driving through the hills !!!

Can't wait to see the progress mate.
Keep the photos coming !!
This one was particularly nice

View attachment 10954

Insulation stripped off, extra wire for the stereo wrapped around the bare wire with some electrical tape.

With the stereo gone the male end of the blade connector was just dangling under the dash.

Not sure how the thing didn't burn up.
Steering overhaul, out with the old in win the new.

New bell crank and assembly kit, new drag link and all the goodies.

Not sure about the pitman arm yet.

The steering box has about 1/8" to 1/4" of play at the end of the pitman arm.


Got some quality build time this weekend. Got the steering put back together, I think the steering was a bit out of center to boot. So new drag link, new bell crank, re connected tie rods and adjusted toe in. Cleaned up the tie rods a bit too while I was at it.



New tires coming this week too.

Replaced oversized shackles with stock ones as well to resolve the caster issues.





While the steering is much improved it still needs some work. I am looking at the tight steer adjuster from Walcks to take out a little bit of free play and changing to a single tie rod wheel to wheel with the second one going up to the bell crank.

I did take the wife and my mom for a little ride to have breakfast this morning and a trip to the gas station. First real ride in it, so figuring out where the clutch is at, feels a bit soft and the peddle doesn't come back all the way.
Replaced broken alternator mounting bracket, was able to find one at a jeep wrecking yard. My new favorite place!




Used a continuity tester and found the wire for the gas gauge was bad so replaced it. Filled the take and watched the gauge respond appropriately! YES!

Also found that the wire for temp gauge was bad as well. That one I just jumped the bad section until I can replace the entire wiring harness this winter.

New headlight switch should be in next week too, got the hi / low beam switch installed and tested. No marker lamps yet but need to wait for the new switch but got headlights working.

This is what I am dealing with.

Got both diff's serviced, everything looked good. Lube was a bit thick but all and all was in good shape. Cleaned up the diff covers while I was at it.



Well not sure how I missed this exactly but found a badly rusted part of the floorboard. Looked good and poke tested from the bottom fine but when I got the passenger seat moved enough to open the compartment under that seat I found that it must have sat FULL of water. By the time I wired wheeled and scraped the :dung: off I found it rusted through in places. SOB, this will have to get cut out and replaced this winter. View attachment 11145

Found a bit more but nothing like the compartment when I got the roll bar out.

View attachment 11146
View attachment 11147
View attachment 11148

PO decided it would be a good idea plug up and putty over those pesky drain holes in the floor.
I also got the new head light switch installed. Head light dimmer wired correctly, highs and lows now, bonus!

Front marker and tail lights all work now after some electrical repair, cleanup and grounding. View attachment 11154

So the front markers, they only work on the first notch of the headlight switch, is that normal?

No turn signals yet, just got the new switch and no brake lights but haven't looked at that yet.
Looks good mate, but I'm still willing to say that's stuff all rust or a 6 of that age !!!
CJ got some new shoes today!
A BAD WORD Cepek DC-2s set of 5 with Goodyear dura track 265 75 16s






So now I have an old set of craigers 15 x 10, 5 on 5.5, 4.25 bore for sale cheap if anyone needs them.

Now to get the slop out of the steering.
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