Build Thread 1986 CJ7 Build

Build Thread 1986 CJ7 Build
I'm registered for trails on Thur, Fri and Sat.

Feb 24, 23:
Back after a little break and some time off. Went to New Zealand for a couple weeks. Simply awesome time and stunningly beautiful!

-Been another battle going on behind the scenes, trying to get the Jeep titled and registered. Encountered a hiccup (record of a Lien from a previous owner) back in October, after I passed emissions and attempted to title & register. Loooooong story, but we're finally making headway and I think I'll be able to drive it legally in time for Moab. Has been a source of stress, for sure, dealing with the Dept of Revenue and the DMV. Never fun!
-Installed steering box brace, from Rugged Ridge. After some grinding on the one end of the brace bar to eliminate a bind, it went on ok. My last one was a home-made job with a heim joint on the frame end. This one is alright, I guess, with just the flat strap mount to the frame, using one of the shackle hanger bolts.
-Replaced the front drive shaft U-joints. Man, those old ones were a bit#h to remove!
-Ordered my new wheels. Was shopping around for some black steelies, and found a good deal at JEGS. Should be here next week.
-Gotta decide on tires now. Leaning towards the Cooper Discoverer SST Pros.
-Bought some more loose end items (lug nuts, brake pads, copper washers for the banjos, windshield frame track for a new bikini top, plastic glove box and probably some more stuff I can't remember.

NZ near Queenstown... NZ 1.jpg
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That ^^^^^^^^ is very close to the top of the bucket list.
Feb 26, 23:
Focused on the front end in order to get it ready for a test drive…
-New front calipers with pads and sst hoses installed.
-My youngest boy was recruited to be the “pumper” for bleeding the brakes. 40mins of work to get all 4 new calipers full and bled.
-New front shocks installed.
-Front driveshaft installed.
-Gear oil squeezed in.
-All zerks greased.

Took it for a little low speed cruise and found a couple odds and ends to fix. Nothing too major though. Rides pretty good, actually.
I was wondering how the stance/width of the new Scout 44 rear would look, compared to the widetrack front. I think it looks fine.


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Feb 28, 23:
- Received my new wheels from JEGS. Took them to Discount Tire to have mounted on some new Cooper tires. I like em! Happiness is a truckload of new, big, nasty mud tires!
- I installed a new windshield track for my new bikini top.
- Installed new hood loops.
- Cleaned up and installed my “new” matching lockout hubs. Before, I had 1 Warn and 1 I.H. hub. Guys at D&C had a matching pair of I.H. hubs that they gave me. I have the larger 6-bolt units.
- Got my new Bestop 2-piece doors installed. Bikini is still delayed, per FedEx.
- Straightened out the steering wheel with the drag link.
- Cleaned up and painted black the old rear view mirror for the driver side. It’ll work for now.
- Mounted my new CB radio. It’s the Cobra Mini and is crazy small. Still need an antenna and cable.

Hope it warms up tomorrow so I can take it for another test drive to check it out in 4wd, now that hubs are installed. I’ll take some pics outside too.


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You have been rockin the build out! :chug:

This should be a bumper sticker! "Happiness is a truckload of new, big, nasty mud tires!"
Mar 2, 23:

-It fit through the garage door, barely, so I could take for a shake down drive through the neighborhood.
Caster on front end is all but gone now with the lift, so it doesn't track well anymore. Been there, done that & the price I pay.
Steering wheel still needs adjusted a bit.
4wd seems to function correctly.
-Bled the brakes twice now, but still seem spongy and not quite there. Will try a 3rd time and hopefully that'll do it.
-Set the parking brake and one of my cable stops popped off. Luckily, I found it in the gravel and will take it, and the jeep, back to the drawing board.
-Ordered a side step (old school Carr Hoop, except black) for the passenger side. My wife is vertically challenged and I'm sure she'll appreciate it.
-Also ordered a front bumper. Intended to make my own, but I just don't have the time now. Morris had a good deal on Fishbone stuff, so I went for it.cj7 b.jpgcj7 d.jpgcj7 c.jpg
I just looked and it’s about 3 years to the day, that I extracted this poor CJ from its former den. This is after we chainsawed several trees which had grown in the way, and pulled it out of the shed.
I can still smell the cat shi$

That is definitely some great work. What a transformation. Hopefully no top for a while longer will help with the smell. :giggle:
Nice job !
WhT a difference

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Steelies and whitewalls, very classic. BFG is discontinuing this very iconic trend.
March 11, 23:
-New front bumper installed. Looks pretty good, I think.
-Rear D-ring brackets installed at rear end. I figured I needed something to connect to on the rear for D-ring shackles. Still no rear bumper, but I have a new swing away tire carrier in mind.
-Jeep seems to wander a bit now. So, in order to achieve some more caster, I shortened my front shackles down to factory length and I also cranked in another turn on the tie-rod for more toe-in. Seems a bit better. front bump 1.jpgfront shakl 1.jpg
Just a note that I still have a few things from this build to let go.
I've put a couple of them on the classifieds here, which are...
- Original dash pad
- Original rocker trim pieces

Let me know of any interest.


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Bumper looks good, have you checked to see what your toe in and caster numbers are?

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Thanks Gert.
I have not been able to get the jeep down for an official alignment yet.
I set the toe-in with tape measures and levels, like my dad taught me how decades ago.
I just don't know the caster angle - just sumizing that it decreased.front 2.jpg
Mar 16, 23:
-New stereo head unit (Alpine Bluetooth & radio) installed. Removed the old, cracked Laredo plastic surround-piece on the dash. It was cracked and nasty. The residual adhesive though took a couple hours to remove. Geesh!
-New marine-grade Polk speakers put in as well.
4EA4DA02-8CA2-43FD-BFB5-C5E366593149.jpegCockpit looks nice!
So no more dashpad…
Correct : This dashpad is for sale.

-The rear pull point brackets are pretty nice ..BB0D3062-97E2-4E10-BF57-88611E8C2F3B.jpeg

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