Jeep CJ Models

Jeep CJ Models


Always Off-Roading Jeeper
Durango, Crawlarado
1979 Jeep CJ5 with 304 V8, T18 Transmission, Dana 20 Transfer case with TeraLow 3:1 gears, 4.88 axle gears, Detroit Locker up front and Ox Locker in back with 1 piece axle shafts, 36" SuperSwamper SX Tires, Shackle reversal, MileMarker Hydraulic winch, MSD 6A ignition.
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]Jeeps have their roots in the military. The Jeeps available to the public were referred to as the CJ models. CJ stands for Civilian Jeep. [/FONT]

[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]CJ1 [/FONT]
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]The first CJ. It was only built in 1944. The Willys-Overland CJ1 was basically a MB Military Jeep available for civilian use. Unlike the military MD the CJ1 had a tailgate that could open. Very few were ever built and none survived to today.[/FONT]

[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]CJ2[/FONT]
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]Only 45 CJ2's were ever built and only 9 survive to today (only one restored). The Willys-Overland CJ2 was also based on the MB Jeep. These were built for test use only. They were designed for agricultural use and were labeled the “AgriJeep”. They were geared very low with 5.38 differential gears and a 2.4 to one transfer case.

As a note, the CJ1, CJ2, and AgriJeep are all basically developmental models for what became the CJ2a, the history of these 3 runs together and can be confusing at times but it is certain they had them, it just that which bit of this and that seems to blend at times

[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]CJ2a[/FONT]

Willys-Overland CJ2a
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]The Willys-Overland CJ2a was built from 1945 to 1949. It was the first Jeep that was easily owned by the civilian public. Over 214,000 CJ2a's were produced. It can be identified by it's two piece windshield with a divider between the drivers side glass and the passenger. [/FONT] Another point to identify it from the MB is the Gas filler behind the drivers entrance and the Grill is not the same as Military models.

[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]CJ3a[/FONT]
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]

[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]Willys-Overland CJ3a[/FONT]​
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]The Willys-Overland CJ3a was built from 1949 to 1953. It had a one piece windshield with wipers and a vent on the bottom of the windshield frame. The spare tire was mounted on the passenger side of the body.[/FONT] Also of note is that the indents for tool mounting are gone.

[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]CJ3b
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]

Sasquach's 1964 [FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]Willys CJ3b[/FONT]​
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]The CJ3b was designed by Willys but in 1953, when the CJ3b was released, the Willys company was sold to Kaiser. The Willys CJ3b was given the distinctive high hood to accommodate the Willys Hurricane F Head engine. This hood is the easiest way to identify the CJ3b.[/FONT]

[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]CJ4[/FONT]
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]The CJ4 was a prototype in 1951.I have heard different stories regarding the CJ4. I have heard that only one was ever built and it was decided the CJ4 would not go into production. I have also heard that the CJ4 was produced in India. Either way I don't think any CJs exist any more.[/FONT]

Edit: A lot of pictures and discussion on the CJ4 here

a lot of information on the CJ4 and the CJ4 development program is coming out in the last few years, seems there were more built than we thought, in 3 or more models, all used to develop military jeeps, significantly the M38A1.

[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]CJ5[/FONT]
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]

[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]The CJ5 was produced from 1954 to 1983. It no longer had the flat fender look of the earlier models. The CJ5 was originally intended to replace the CJ3b but that model continued to be produced until 1968. The feature that distinguishes the CJ5 from the CJ7 is the shape of the door. [/FONT]
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]American Motors bought the Jeep company in 1971 and in the following year AMC engines were used in Jeep CJs. The engine compartment was lengthened to accommodate the AMC engines. [/FONT] There were 3 generations of CJ5s, short nosed ones 53 to 71, intermediates 71 to 75 and later Cj5s 76 to 83
With the CJ5 special editions appeared in the universal line, Tuxedo Park Park, Tuxedo Park Park Mk IV, 462, Renegade1, Renegade2, Renegade, Super Jeep, Golden Eagle, and Silver Anniversary

[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]CJ6[/FONT]
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]
[/FONT]BajaEdition's 1970 CJ6
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]While the CJ6 was in production it was never very popular in the United States and most CJ6’s were shipped overseas. The CJ6 was basically a CJ5 with a 20 inch longer wheelbase. It can easily be identified by the extra space between the rear wheel and the door that is shaped like a CJ5 door.[/FONT] Produced in America from 1951 to 1975, the CJ7 replaced it in the line up in 1976 there were Renegade versions produced.

[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]CJ7[/FONT]
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]
DonEBeasley's 1979 CJ7
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]The CJ7 had a longer wheelbase (93 inches) then the CJ5. This meant the CJ7 no longer needed the oddly shaped door found on the CJ5 and earlier CJs. The CJ7 was often sold with a hard top and hard doors. [/FONT] 1976 to 1986. Renegade Golden Eagle, Loredo and Jamboree among the recognized editions.

[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]CJ8[/FONT]
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]

hole's 1983 CJ8
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]The CJ8 was also know as the Scrambler. It was basically a CJ7 with a longer wheelbase. The Scrambler was sold with a half cab making it into a pickup. [/FONT] 1981 to 1986

[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]CJ10[/FONT]
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]

[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]CJ10a
[FONT=FreeSans, Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif]The CJ10 was a truck that was mainly shipped overseas. It had rectangular head lights and a nine slot grill. There was also a shorter version called the CJ10a that was used as a tug for the US Air Force.


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Since we are a CJ web site I thought it necessary for us to have our own CJ Spotters Guide with every CJ model mentioned and a brief description of how to differentiate the CJ models.
I tried to use member photos but I don't know of anyone with a CJ2a or CJ3a.
I found a lot of discrepancies in production volume statistics so I rounded off some of the numbers in my chart.
Thank you for the info sir, with it I will be able to ID an early CJ waiting to be surplused off from a local school district ;). Ive'd asked about it in the past but no one knew any more than "it runs"
Ken, very cool link :chug:
Great write up & Link guys!

~ JR
Here you have, what I think is a CJ3a. It is located near Mexico City.

It has a chevrolet engine and as the owner told me, that the drivetrain works perfectly. I saw the car running, and I drove it, but I don't now much (yet) about Jeeps.

If you are interested, the car is on sale.
Knowledge from BajaEdition:
Busa, if you read some more history on the CJ4 you see they made a lot more than 3
the army was using them for a development tool and ordered them in 3 or 4 different set ups, such as an ambulance etc, and they were delivered several test platforms in each, you see the pics and they were ugly
anyway the way I see it we are lucky to have the one in Ohio that survives, most army test vehicles are destroyed violently. and if given versions to test they would have received:chug: 5 or more of each plus spares.

sometimes urban legend is stronger than the truth, so why fight it
like the cj means civilian jeep legend
not true
the truth is the first Willys prototype was the MA, m for Willys and A for first model ( I do not know what the Bantaam was lettered ) and when they developed it they changed it to MB, M for Willys and B again the engineering code.
Well as we know because Ford was building the exact same vshicle under the title of the GPW, G Ford, P model from Ford, W for the fact they were paying Willys a royalty for each vehicle produced. there was a race to see who would produce them post WWII, ( do you know Ford actually out produced Willeys slightly during WWII )
so the CJ AgriJeep, prerunner of the CJ2
C, third in the line, J for Jeep as they were calling it and had paperwork in to copywrite the name.
However the Public loved the misnomer Civilian Jeep, and it was the best advertising for free you could get. SO they never fought it.
and until 1986 kept the CJ legend going. After all guys still were buying upgrades of what they had run around in during the war.
as you can see, some things are just better left alone, as in the CJ4 myth of only 1 ever produced, however the army will tell you the M38A1 (CJ5) is the vehicle developed by the testing of the prototype we call the CJ4
plenty of pictures of CJ4s and their related cousins in this thread

you see their were a lot of Cj4s made but they were used as a test platform by the military, the CJ 5 and 6 are direct decedents of this as are other models. I find it strange that they keep on saying only one was made as we keep finding more and more pictures, we now have found 3 survivors, and the paper work that survives has part numbers for models the military destroyed.
Such as Bantam having made 1500 bantam prototypes for the original jeep and we can only find one survivor, it seems there were a lot of CJ4s made in a variety of evolution and purpose types.

I never could find a CJ4 picture until BajaEdition posted some.
The CJ4 has a unique front fender.
Anyone think a write up with option packages should be included? We have people who are out to restore Jeeps as well. Id be willing to organize any info you want to send. Cjs had alot of different versions especially if you add stuff sold outside this great country. :patriot:
Anyone think a write up with option packages should be included?

That would be an interesting thread. Not models but option packages. For example the Larado Package was available for CJ5s and CJ7s. It could define what the package included. Many times the package was just stickers. The Levi Edition package included seats that were upholstered in denim. The Larado Package included chrome parts such as bumpers and the grill. Photos would help the restorers. And maybe we could include sources for stickers and other parts.

It would be a big thread as members would keep adding to it. I have no idea how many CJ packages have been released over the years but I keep hearing about more. Some turn out to be fake. Well, maybe fake isn't the correct word but sometimes it's just a dealer installing different options. Or a PO making a theme of their CJ.

I think we are the site that specialises in CJs. That's why I decided we needed this thread showing every CJ model. Even the initial posts for a "CJ Package" thread would take a bit of researching. I think it's an excellent idea. I will start such a thread if no one else does.
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good idea guys, lets do it
sent info to Busa about years and stuff of options
and we will get it edited into the original post
Well its up to you guys on who wants to "spearhead" this project. I wouldnt mind and have some time since cashflow wont allow me to actually work on my Jeeps. Atleast its Jeep related. :)

When it gets down to restoring Jeeps the info has to be correct. Lets just take interiors for example. Jeeps are Utilitarian for most. Alot of guys buy a Cj and wanna just chuck the whole interior. They'll just dump that honey brown interior for some Jc whitney seats. That red garnett interior? It wont match the extreme yellow Im painting the boatsided bobbed CJ8 tub I have. :eek:

Look at this stupid lightbar and brushgaurd on this Cj. The guy even calls it a Jamboree. Doesnt he know thats a gathering not an option? ;)

I already have a lot of information regarding the trim packages but there is still a lot of information to be gathered. It is not as easy as collecting info about Jeep models.
I would like to work with you on this Pete. I could send you what I have already and let you finish it. Or I could continue. Since neither one of us are moderators we can't edit each other's work after it's posted.
To continue let's PM each other.
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break down the stuff by year and model and I will edit the first post to get it inplace.
I would like to work with you on this Pete. I could send you what I have already and let you finish it. Or I could continue. Since neither one of us are moderators we can't edit each other's work after it's posted.
To continue let's PM each other.

The Jamboree stuff was "tongue in cheek". :D What I meant was there are probably quite a few people who dont know that package or even believe its real. I can moderate as well. I'll pm you more after work.

I know, it may be a while :). But you guys have the makings of an awesome sticky and probably one of the most informative and detailed threads about CJ's on the internet if not anywhere! :notworthy:

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