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Come on, last I checked we were in 33rd place. If you look at the bottom of any page, you will see this.

Click on it and vote. It takes two seconds! Also, CJ has this on all of his posts.
Vote For Us Daily!
You can also click on that.
Vote for the site daily. CJ made us a great site, let's show him some appreciation!:chug:
You can vote once every 24 hours, so try and vote every day!
Thanks you all, I vote three times a day... Once on my laptop, once on my cell phone and once at work.

We actually get a good bit of traffic from Top 4x4...
Bump! Come on we need more votes. we were up to 31st and fell back to 32nd!:(
voted for today
I am going to keep bumping this until you vote. Come on, just one click per day isn't too much to ask!:bang: It will help get more traffic on this site, and more shared info.
at #35 today...
I have seen us as high as 31st, which meens we are losing ground!
at #32 today. we are starting the climb to the top.
Just checked. #30 today. Keep voting. If you are not voting, please start. :)
Voted! #31!

I voted for my own site already today. I'm pretty sure they allow a person to vote for two different sites on the same day....
Bump again, keep on voting!:)
Just voted and checked. #29 right now. We keep this up, next month we may make the top 25. That means 1st page, and maybe more new friends!

WOOHOO up to 28 now 3 more to go to first page action.

vote early, vote often, vote for
Just voted, now we are at 27th. If we vote like this from the beginning next month, we could easily be 1st page!:)
I just wanted to say thanks for voting. We do get some traffic from that site, from both the ad I pay for and from the top links. It is appreciated... :)

BTW - I still vote three times a day. Once from my cell, once from my home and once from work... You all are great!
got us back to 27.
Come on, I know CJ voted today, and I voted. There were only 2 votes for this site today.:(

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